The Zone


On 6 November 2018, at the “Auditorium Parco della Musica” in Rome the RomaEuropaFestival (  present in exclusive  the concert of an “all-star-band” involving, among some New York musicians, , Marc Ribot on guitars and the New Yorker  shamanic soul singer FAY VICTOR 

The project is a new revision of THE ZONE a sort of “concept album” commissioned tby the festival NON LUOGHI MUSICALI and premiered 3 years ago in Italy with my percussion group LCP, Theodosii Spassov and Blixa Bargeld:

The Zone is a Sufi Odyssey. Seven songs tell the story of a journey of transcendence, following a parallel between two plots very distant in space and time: theConference of birds by Farid ad-Din Attar and the film Stalker by Tarkovsky and by Strugackij brothers.

In that new version the voice of FAY VICTOR  -as a “shaman”- will be perfect for the main role of the character, the wise prophet, the ferryman, the stalker of The Zone.

The complete line-up is:

FAY VICTOR  (USA ) -voice

Marc Ribot (USA) – guitar
Marco Cappelli (USA) -guitar
Daniele Del Monaco (ITA) – keyboards
Satoshi Takeishi (USA) – drums
Ken Filiano (USA) – double bass


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